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Aligner material innovation

TruGEN and TruGEN™️ XR™️ offer greater sustained force retention and more effective tooth movement than the leading aligner brand. 1

More control & flexibility

Modify cases remotely with exclusive Spark Approver™️ Web access. Detect and prevent collisions during treatment easily with TruRoot CBCT Collision Alert System.

Proven Spark clinical advantages

  •  27.5% shorter for simple cases
  •  18% shorter for advanced cases
  •  64% fewer unseats during treatment2

Advanced clear aligner system

Doctors worldwide are using Spark clear aligners to treat a wide variety of patient malocclusions including:


Over bite

Open bite


Deep bite

Cross bite

Class II

Class III

The science behind Spark

Leading aligner brand


With the latest advancements in material science and manufacturing technology, Spark is designed to help you achieve stellar clinical results.

Better grip, better movement

Improved contact
Spark aligners have a 19% better contact surface area than the leading aligner brand.1

More uniform surface
Spark aligners have a more uniform surface texture versus the leading aligner competitor. 1

Better printing resolution
Spark aligners are manufactured with 80% better printing resolution.1

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Spark Approver Web

Get anywhere-access to your favorite features.

Take Spark Approver features to go.

All your favorite Spark Approver desktop features, now served up on the web.

The new Spark Approver Web allows you to:

  • Save, modify, and secure files in the cloud.
  • Save time with no installation updates required.
  • Switch seamlessly between desktop and cloud as needed.

Supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Spark Approver Web works on any internet-connected computer – no installation or updates required.

Spark Approver Software

More control. More predictable treatment planning.

Spark Clear Aligners is backed with the high-tech, digital Approver Software designed to give doctors more control and flexibility in planning orthodontic treatment.

Clinical and workflow features

More choice. More control. More confidence.

Introducing the latest Spark Approver Software release

Explore powerful new features built on a legacy of doctor-inspired innovation.

Leading CBCT integration & root visualization

Taking treatment planning & diagnosis to a higher level

  • Root visualization provided on all cases
  • Three different clipping plane views (axial, coronal, mesial-distal)
  • Work on prescription as you upload the DICOM file (no delays)
  • More flexibility and richer CBCT diagnostic toolset, with new preset views offering opacity and lighting settings

Truroot ™ CBCT collision alert

Detect and avoid collisions during treatment, plan cases with more confidence & accuracy.

Spark’s attachment template

Reduce bond failures and increase practice efficiencies. Fewer bonding detachments for your staff means:

  • Less time removing

  • Less time cleaning-up

  • Improving practice efficiency

¹Applied Science Article 7/2021 Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 6 716. Actual Spark patient. Teeth images have not been altered. Images courtesy of Frost Nichols Orthodontics. Results may vary.

Our results

61 weeks of treatment

Type of malocclusion: open bite case
Treated by: Dr Diego Peydro


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Clinical and workflow features

More choice. More control. More confidence.

  • Expanded real time approval: Make instant changes to instantly improve efficiencies with Passive Aligner Editing. Gain more flexibility when adding and editing passive aligners.
  • TruRoot CBCT collision alert system: Predict and prevent collisions during treatment to help doctors plan treatments with more precautions. This feature automatically detects and highlights areas on the root surfaces that are touching or penetrating cortical bone.
  • Aligner trimpline: Take the guesswork off your workflow with an accurate visualization of the actual trimline in the Approver Software.
  • Web scan hold resolution: Get faster case hold resolutions for faster results. Get detailed information in your dashboard to resolve scan issues with the new edit feature to minimize scan-matching errors.
  • Integrated hooks update: Three retention attachment sizes (small, medium, and large).

The Spark difference

Compared to the leading aligner brand², Spark is:

Leading aligner brand


Leading Aligner Brand
More clear

Spark is a nearly invisible aligner. A discreet alternative to traditional

Leading Aligner Comfort
Spark comfort
More comfortable

Custom trays are designed with polished scalloped edges to help enhance patient comfort.²

Spark Stains Less
Stains less

Spark clear aligner system is proven to have minimal aligner stains compared to the leading aligner brand. Aligner Material Study: aligners in coffee for 3 days.²

We support your Spark journey every step of the way.

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  1. Data on file.
  2. Data on file based on a survey of 101 patients